Human Insecurity: Call for submission for a special issue of the Journal of Levantine Studies

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Human Insecurity, State Fragility, and Complex Humanitarian Crises in the Mediterranean: Re-Thinking International Responses

Please submit by April 15, 2017

The special issue explores the relationship between internal conflict, state fragility, and human (in)security in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), discussing the implications of these trends on the broader Mediterranean area. The issue focuses on mapping emerging forms of state fragility in MENA and assesses their impact on the broader regional human security.

The discussion focuses especially on the main complex humanitarian emergencies at the regional level – beginning with the Syrian civil war and its regional impact – and then zooms out on the ongoing regional refugee crisis as well as on the issue of forced displacement across the Mediterranean region. 

We invite submissions that deal with these topics, including:

  • How do the parallel emergencies in the Mediterranean region challenge the current templates for humanitarian intervention and assistance?
  • How have different stakeholders hailing from the MENA region tackled these crises, and what are the main normative and operational challenges they face?
  • What are the legal and political challenges linked with dealing with the regional and cross-Mediterranean emergencies?

Papers that critically deal with complex interactions between normative considerations, public international law, and ‘security and defense policies’ are especially welcome. Final submissions should be 6,000-10,000 words in length. All papers will undergo a rigorous double blind-review process.

TO APPLY: Please submit, by April 15, 2017, a 250-500-word abstract of your proposed contribution to: 

Benedetta Berti:;

Abigail Jacobson:

Full articles of accepted proposals will be requested by June 1, 2017

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