Conference: The State Budget for 2015

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Wednesday ,25 June, 2014 , 16:45 to 20:30


The State Budget:

Is the Outline That the Government and the Finance Ministry Choose the Only Economically Acceptable One?

Over the past five years, the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute has held an annual public discussion before the decision on the next state budget. This discussion involves examination of various scenarios that can be derived from alternative budget proposals. The knowledge base that the program has created allows for a broad and thorough discussion of the issue. This year we will construct specific scenarios, regarding such aspects as education, welfare, and health. We will propose possible alternatives to the planned budget that take into account their potential ramifications for various sectors of the economy. Our annual discussion is the main component of the public discourse on the state budget and it receives broad media exposure.


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The conference is held with the support of the Seidel Foundation