The Museum and the Liberal Sacred Space

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Monday ,16 April, 2018 , 19:00 to 21:30

Screening and discussion of the film

The Museum 

Director: Ran Tal

(2017, 74 minutes, Hebrew)

Was the omission of any mention of the Exodus in the Pharaoh exhibition at the Israel Museum indeed a desecration of sanctity, as one of the visitors to the museum argues in the movie? A desecration of what sanctity?

Can one speak about a museum as a sacred space for secular/liberal culture? If so, how does the crisis of secularization affect that sanctity? How is sanctity created in the museum? Who creates it? For what and for whom? What normative, political, and cultural possibilities do museums provide for societies that are trying to tell themselves their own stories?

The evening is part of the seminar titled Places of Sacredness, conducted at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.