New Jewish Literature

Monday ,20 March, 2017 , 19:30 to 21:30

Study evening

on the occasion of the publication of Galili Shahar’s book

Bodies and Names: Readings in Modern Jewish Literature

This book brings together new readings in modern Jewish literature, in its various realms, from the Baal Shem Tov to Agnon, from Rabbi Nachman to Kafka. This combination poses anew the question of literature by examining the material conditions, the textualities, the narrations and fragmentations of writing in Jewish and Hebrew prose, dealing with the notions and figures revelation and redemption. The book explores anew the connections of modern Jewish literature to the formation of tradition and offers new interpretations of its main theme while recalling its material condition and its physical performance: the lustful bodies and bodies of sorrows and wounds. While doing so, the author offers a new consideration of the secularization thesis and the dialectic of tradition within Jewish literature. (Ofakim Library, Am Oved)

(Ofakim Library, Am Oved)

During this evening the book will be sold at a discount.