Philosophical Insights and the Dynamics of Talmudic Discourse

Monday ,25 December, 2017 , 18:30 to 20:30

A panel discussion

Following the publication of Ariel Furstenberg’s book

The Languages of Talmudic Discourse: A Philosophical Study of the Evolution of Amoraic Halakha

Van Leer Institute Press and Magnes Press, 2017

The Languages of Talmudic Discourse brings together philosophy of natural language, conceptual dynamics and the Babylonian Talmud. The underlying argument of the book is that with the help of the natural language, particularly the way in which concepts acquire meaning, it is possible to uncover the dynamics and evolution of Halakhic conceptions. The author proposes a new reading of the Talmud, through post-Wittgenstein philosophies of language, and proposes examining key questions in philosophy through the Talmudic discourse. The focus on the Talmud also allows us to examine together philosophical questions that are usually discussed separately.