Prof. Samuel Shye

Samuel Shye
Senior Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
Statistical theory; soial and psychological measurement; quality of life and criteria for socio-economic well-being; intelligence and creativity; distributional justice; profiling
developing a theoretical approach and measuring tools in behavioral systems

Professor Samuel Shye founded The Center for Social Justice in memory of Yaacov Chazan at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and was its Academic Director until 2006. He served for many years as Research Director at the Louis Guttman Institute of Applied Social Research and at the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research at Ben Gurion University.

Shye has taught statistics and probability theory at the University of California at Berkeley; facet theory and scaling models at the social sciences faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (department of psychology); and Quality of Life at the school of social work, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He currently teaches Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling at the Faculty of Law, the Institute of Criminology.
Shye studied at the University of California at Berkeley and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received his BA in Physics, MA in Mathematical Statistics and Ph.D in Social and Psychological Measurement.

Shye has written eight books and numerous scientific articles and research reports on social and psychological measurement and their application to social policy, quality of life, economics, distributive justice and to the various branches of psychology.

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