Like a Blocked Bridge: Conversations with the Actors Muhammad Bakri, Salwa Nakara-Haddad, Makram Khoury, Khawla Haj, and Selim Deo

כמו גשר תקוע: שיחות עם השחקנים מוחמד בכרי, סלווה נקארה-חדאד, מכרם כורי, ח'אולה חאג' וסלין דאו
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Danny Horowitz
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Theater and film actors of the first order, such as Muhammad Bakri, Makram Khoury, Salwa Nakara-Haddad, Selim Deo, and others, are in touch daily with the Israeli experience. Their opinions and troubles, their high and low moments, their hopes and disappointments generated by those around them are revealed for the first time in fascinating and detailed conversations with the playwright Danny Horowitz, of Haifa Theater. This is a cultural and social document worthy of note.