Edifying Zionism: Richard Kaufmann, A Pioneering Architect / Micha Levin Interviewed by Gilad Halpern, TLV1 23/9/2016 English

Prof. Michael Levin is a historian of architecture at Shenkar College for Engineering, Art and Design, and co-editor of Richard Kaufmann and the Zionist Project. He discusses with host Gilad Halpern the life and works of the Jewish-German architect, who was hired in 1920 as the chief planner of the Zionist community and who single-handedly shaped the landscape of modern Israel.

A launch event, complete with a tour of Jerusalem guided by Prof. Levin, is organized by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute on Monday, September 26.

To the interview (in English): http://tlv1.fm/the-tel-aviv-review/2016/09/23/edifying-zionism-richard-kaufman-a-pioneering-architect/