Welcome to Slovakia's "Jewish Pompeii" / Yuri Dojc and Katya Krausova Interviewed by Gilad Halpern, TLV1 12/9/2016 English

After the fall of Communism, photographer Yuri Dojc returned to his native Slovakia to document the country’s Jewish community, which remained intact in every respect except one: Its people. Dojc’s new exhibition, “Last Folio,” opens this week at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. It features photos of dilapidated books, abandoned synagogues and decrepit old people, symbolizing a once buzzing Jewish life. He and curator Katya Krausova join host Gilad Halpern.


To the interview (in English): http://tlv1.fm/the-tel-aviv-review/2016/09/12/welcome-to-slovakias-jewish-pompeii/