The Borders of Perception

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יום שלישי 16/01/18 עד יום רביעי 17/01/18
מיקום האירוע: 
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Organizers: Elvira Di Bona (The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute) and Preston Werner (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Tuesday January 16, 2018 At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute: Polonsky Academy Building, room 207

Wednesday January 17, 2018 At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Mt. Scopus Campus, Mandel Building, room 530

Perceptual experience is undoubtedly central in our lives. It provides us with the bulk—if not all—of the information we have about the external world. It is crucial to our survival and the survival of our evolutionary relatives. It’s also central to most of the sources of meaning and enjoyment that we have in our lives.

These facts have contributed to a rich history of research on the philosophy of perception that goes back thousands of years. But the developments of the last few decades in cognitive and perceptual sciences have led to an explosion of new and innovative developments in the philosophy of perception as well.

The aim of this conference is to further these recent developments by bringing together several of the top scholars in the field to present and workshop new work on a range of philosophical topics related to perceptual experience. Bringing these scholars together will also allow them to see the relationship between their projects in a way that would be difficult to do outside of a conference of this nature.